One thing about living in the UK that many people enjoy is the changing seasons. And while winter may see the nights draw in and temperatures drop, it’s a chance to hunker down and enjoy your home. But to really enjoy being cosy in the evening it’s important to set the mood with the right temperature, lighting and furnishings

Here’s five things that will make your home cosy for winter:

1. Warm yourself by a wood burner

Warmth is key to a cosy home and a good quality wood burner or multi-fuel stove will help provide all that you need – there really is nothing like putting logs on a fire and watching the flames lick away to help you shrug off the cold weather outside.

There is an array of stylish wood burners available on the market – from ultra-modern models to boldly-coloured enamelled stoves.


2. Set the mood with lighting

Getting the lighting right is key to creating a cosy feeling in your home.

A nice lamp will provide the right amount of light for relaxing at the end the day. If you have a large room you might need several.

Up lights also create a nice mood while dimmer switches give you the versatility of having any level of lighting you require.

Candles are great for helping you unwind while fairy lights are increasingly popular and provide a splash of colour into the bargain.

3. Throws and cushions for that instant cosy feel

Adding throws and cushions to your room will instantly make it feel cosier. They can soften leather or wooden furniture, and come in useful for snuggling up to of an evening.

Try combining different textures and colours to give a depth and interest to your interiors.

4. Rugs to keep you snug underfoot

Shaggy or sheepskin rugs can really bring some warmth to a room, especially if you have a wooden floor.

If the rug has a splash of colour this can also warm your home.

Many people like to walk around barefoot in their house, and having a thick rug to nestle your toes in at the end of the day is guaranteed to give you that cosy feeling.

5. The right colour to match your mood

Colours are key to creating the right mood, so choosing the appropriate paints and colour schemes is important.

Gentle greys and heather shades are the current neutral palettes of choice at the moment while maroon and plum are also popular wintry shades.

But ultimately, it all comes down to the colours you prefer and the shades that are going to make you feel cosy.


These are just a few ideas. If you would like to discuss the subject further, please contact us on either or 01473 735317.