Such is the speed of innovation in the building sector today that we are constantly asked to work with contemporary materials and new designs.

A dramatic effect can be created when blending modern materials within traditional buildings, such as in the case of this glass staircase we installed in a barn conversion property in Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.

Optimise the light

The architect on this particular project had opted to use glass for the steps on the stairs in order to optimise the amount of light flowing through the central atrium of the building.

A more solid-looking construction made from wood would have blocked much of the light streaming through the bi-folding doors at the rear, and had the effect of constricting the space.

Reinforced glass

Reinforced glass was used for both the steps and bannisters, as well as below the guard rails on the mezzanine level above. Some of the panels were extremely heavy and required four men using specialist suction cup lifters to manoeuvre them into place.

The finished staircase in situ produces a stunning effect – creating a feature at the centre of the room and allowing light to move freely throughout the living spaces.

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