With their open-plan lay-outs and lofty spaces, barn conversions can create spectacular living spaces. Here at Charles Clarke & Son, we have wide experience of restoring and converting these former outbuildings into stunning homes.

Complete rebuild

This particular barn conversion was part of a larger project to renovate a total of two barns and a farmhouse on a property in Radwinter in north Essex.

The building featured in the pictures was initially in such a poor state of repair that when we first saw it scaffolding was required to support the walls. On closer inspection, it was clear the barn would have to be almost completely re-built if it was to be used as a home. Only around a third of the original oak timbers were salvageable from the building, so we set about sourcing new oak for the posts and beams, and imported a lot of the timber from France. These were cut to size and fitted together in the traditional manner using mortise joints to build a timber frame that could be re-erected on the exact footprint of the original.

Open plan

One of the joys of a barn conversion is the open plan spaces it offers homeowners. Working alongside the client’s architect, we built bedrooms on a mezzanine-style first floor that were connected by an elevated gantry. This design made the most of the high ceilings and offered dramatic views downwards of the living spaces. Crucial to the design was the craftsmanship in producing well-finished oak timbers, which were prominent throughout the entire barn.

Classic features

We worked with a stonemason who sourced and shaped the stone for the feature fireplace and created period-brickwork for the back plate. A modern spacious kitchen was fitted and all oak windows and flooring installed throughout. A large glass frontage let the light into building while at night a bespoke chandelier illuminated this dazzling property.


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