Charles Clarke & Son Ltd is a leading Suffolk building company. We carry out property refurbishment and restoration, new builds, extensions, general maintenance and more…

We work on all types of property, from bungalows and flats through to some of the finest country residences in the UK. Regardless of scale, every building that we work on is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Listed & historic buildings

Our skilled teams are fully experienced when it comes to work on period and historic properties, both in terms of specialist works and treatment that might need to be carried out. In fact, some of our early builds might now be considered “historic properties”.

Expert craftsmanship

Our friendly and professional teams are committed to delivering an exceptional service to all of our customers, whether they just want minor maintenance job or full refurbishment.

Peace of mind

So far as our customers are concerned, we don’t have problems, just beautifully finished work. Of course, no-one can plan for every eventuality, but if there is a potential issue or delay, we manage it and ensure everything is taken care of with the minimum of fuss.

Master builder

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