Adding to or extending your home can put value onto it and give you much needed extra space. Maybe your family is expanding, or you want a home office or a new conservatory to relax in.

Some building work requires planning permission and some doesn’t, and knowing which is which will save you time and money in the long run.

Here’s a basic look at things to think about:

extensionExtensions and conservatories

These are considered to be permitted developments and do not normally require planning permission subject to various conditions including, but not limited to:

  • It is not higher than the highest part of your existing roof
  • The maximum height of a single-storey rear extension is not higher than four metres
  • The extension does not include verandas, balconies or raised platforms

Do you need planning permission for paving?

Paving over a front garden

If you are using a porous material, you do not require planning permission. However, if you are using an impermeable material on an area over five metres you will need planning permission.



Solar pannelWind turbines and solar panels

In this age of striving to source green energy, wind turbines and solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. But do they require planning permission?

Temporary wind turbines do not require planning permission but if you and installing them permanently they will need planning permission. Generally, solar panels do not require planning permission unless you are wanting to put them onto a listed building then you will need planning permission as well as listed building consent.

Things to remember

Always check with your local planning authority before you start any work for peace of mind or more information should you discover you need to apply for planning permission.

This is the place to start as they are the ones who will either grant an application or turn it down. Once you know what work you want to do, a quick call or visit to them outlining your project will give you a straight answer as to whether you can go ahead without planning permission or whether you will need to submit a planning application. The wisdom of an experienced builder or planning consultant will be invaluable to make sure you are following procedure.

More guidance is available here.

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