Here are the top five building and home design trends that we will see in 2018:

Smart lighting

1. Smart lighting

There has been a lot of talk about how digital technologies will impact the connected home of the future but smart lighting solutions are already here. Smart lighting typically involves the use of an app that allows homeowners to control their lighting settings from their smart phone or tablet, so they can preset lighting for different situations  – for example, for dinner, watching movies or reading. Users can also control lighting through voice control or when they are not at home if, for instance, they have left all the light on.

2. Glass walls and bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors have been common additions to high-end interior design projects for some time now and glass walls that open up the internal living space to the outdoors will continue to be popular into 2018.

And it is obvious why they are so attractive to homeowners who want to add value and style to their property. Glass walls with bi-folding doors look great and let plenty of light into the home while advances in glass technology mean they are also durable and provide good levels of insulation.



3. Multi-generational living

With the relative price of housing compared to wages higher than it has ever been, we have seen a rise in the number of families who are opting for multi-generational living.  This is the term for when family members from different generations make arrangements to live together long term.

It could be a separate space for a daughter or son who has grown up but is struggling to get on the housing ladder or an adjoining annex for an elderly parent. We believe this trend is set to continue and that more families will be looking to builders to adapt attics, spaces above the garage or outbuildings into self-contained homes.


Renewable materials

4. Renewable materials

We are seeing more renewable building materials becoming available as innovators strive to come up with sustainable products either through recycling or by using technology to reduce footprint. This trend will surely pick up pace as everyone become more environmentally conscious and building regulations tighten.



Low-hanging lights

5. Low-hanging and pendant lighting

Installing the right lighting is crucial in getting the best out of any home, so it is no surprise that we have featured another lighting trend in this blog. Low-hanging or so-called pendant lighting is growing in popularity and is tipped to continue to do so into 2018. Popular styles for this type of lighting are industrial or retro designs – such as metal warehouse-style inspired lights. This type of lighting can be used to make a feature of a particular part of the house, such as above a kitchen work space or dining area.


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